Poppies at Sunset

Poppies at Sunset.
I had been meaning to take this image for about a week, l decided to do it that evening
and thank god l did! the next day the whole field was flattened.

 Even l sometimes get in on the shot!

Even l sometimes get in on the shot!

 its all Rock and Roll to me!

It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of ticker tape and an abandoned house
Model ;Emily Haynes

Claire has got her man!

Claire & Duggie were such fun to photograph.
A beautiful sunny day in Corfu ..

The plane ,the Plane Boss!

One of the many planes that land on Corfu Island through the summer months .

 Emily Haynes  on Vidos  Island Corfu

Had an amazing day with Emily Haynes
Great model, Very talented indeed.